The Dr. Rock Show is all things to all people. The show first introduced The Beatles to America back in 1964. Perhaps you remember when Jerry Lawler slapped Andy Kaufman back in 1982. How about the time that a skinhead threw a chair and broke Doc’s nose. Or maybe you recall when most of America thought Deano was taking pills because he was slurring his words and arguing with Simon all the time. But surely you remember when T started his own Super Pac and almost ran for President in South Carolina. No? Well probably because that shit all happened on shows much better than ours. But in reality, The Dr. Rock Show has been making people laugh (intentionally or unintentionally, we don’t discriminate) for over 10 years now. Selected 3 years in a row as one of Talkers Magazine’s Frontier 50 trailblazing web radio shows, the driving force behind The Dr. Rock Show is the pure desire to entertain, make people laugh, and put the FUN into dysfunction. Whether Doc is going off on a Kardashian, Deano is explaining one of his many unfounded fears, or T is bashing some idiot douche who needs to get a job and pull up his pants, the show is always unscripted, uncensored, and undeniably fun.

Doc is the show’s executive producer and ringleader. He enjoys long walks on the beach, parasailing, and participating in nude triathlons.

Deano is the show’s segment producer, news director, email wrangler, and resident musical savant. In his spare time, Deano enjoys restoring historical documents, doing sign language interpretations of the national anthem at minor league baseball games, and cooking with non-stick pans.

T is the show’s sports director, historian, and poetic stylist. T spends his free time searching for photos of Diane Lane, watching Season 2 of the White Shadow on DVD, and singing bass in a barbershop sextet.

From L to R: T, Doc, & Deano


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